Product Categories

Available Product Categories Endpoints

This document will show you how to interact with product categories (the association between products and categories) through the Lemonstand API. It will give examples of the data returned from calls, formatting of calls, and how to update/create/removeproduct categories.

GET /product/{product_id|product_sku}/category/{category_id}

Retrieves a single product category according to the product ID/SKU and the category ID given.

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POST /product/{product_id|product_sku}/categories

Adds an association between a product and a category. The category ID is given in the body of the call.

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DELETE /product/{product_id|product_sku}/category/{category_id}

Deletes the product category associated to the category ID.

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DELETE /product/{product_id|product_sku}/categories

Removes all associated product categories to this product.

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GET /product/{product_id|product_sku}/categories

Retrieves a list of all the product categories associated to the product.

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