Avalara AvaTax

LemonStand is integrated with Avalara AvaTax, which makes calculating tax rates easy and automatic, so you don't have to manually set up and manage tax rates by order destination.

Setting Up an Avalara AvaTax Account

To get started, you must have an Avalara AvaTax account. You can sign up for that here. Once you have an account, you will need 3 pieces of information:

  • Account Number
  • License Key
  • Company Code

Here's how to get this information:

Log in to the Admin Console at https://admin-development.avalara.net (for Development Accounts) or https://admin-avatax.avalara.net (for Production Accounts) using your user id and password. After successful account activation you will be provided with your Account Number and License Key.

  1. In the Avalara Admin Console, configure your company settings and tax profile
  2. Specify your company details (This includes setting a "Company Code" for your LemonStand store - you will need to enter it in the next step).
  3. Select Nexus Jurisdictions (where your company needs to calculate sales and use tax due to "substantial physical presence" in a taxing jurisdiction).
  4. Create tax codes and specify distinctive tax rules as needed for your store. For example, if certain products at your store need to be listed as non-taxable, or if you need to have specific rates for different products, this needs to be configured in your Avalara account.

How To Configure in LemonStand

You can configure the Avalara AvaTax integration in LemonStand using the credentials you acquired when setting up your account as described above.

Activate The Integration

  1. Navigate in your LemonStand admin to Integrations > Applications, hover over the Avalara logo and click Configure & Activate.
  2. Enter in the credentials acquired in the previous step.
  3. Click the blue Save button.

Set Up Avalara Tax Class

You now need to set up an Avalara tax class for each tax code that you would like to use in your store. You can create a tax class for every tax code that's applicable to the products you sell. You can look up a list of Avalara tax codes here.

  1. In your LemonStand admin, navigate to Business Settings > Taxes, and click the Add Tax Class (+) button.
  2. Select Avalara from the list, and click Continue.
  3. Enter in a name for this tax class. If you'd like it to be the default for all products, select that checkbox.
  4. Enter in the product tax code that is applicable to the products that you'll use this tax code for.
  5. You can use the Test Tax Calculation feature to check if rates are being calculated properly. Just complete the fields and click the Get tax rates button.

That's it! You've completed the Avalara AvaTax integration setup for your LemonStand store!