Moving to a New Platform

The entire team at LemonStand is thankful for your support and proud to have played a part in your online retail journey. We're committed to doing our very best to help you get your store moved from LemonStand to another online retail platform.

To that end, we've put together this tutorial guide to help you find a new platform, access resources who can help, and with the steps you'll need to take to get your products, customers and other content in LemonStand moved over.  

The entire team at LemonStand is thankful for your support and proud to have played a part in your online retail journey. We're committed to doing our very best to help you get your store moved from LemonStand to another online retail platform. 

This tutorial provides details on what to consider and how to migrate from LemonStand to another eCommerce platform. 

Find and choose a new platform

The first step is obviously to decide on what platform you think will work best for your business going forward. The best choice for your business is ultimately up to you, and there isn't a one size fits all recommendation we can provide that is likely to be best for all of our customers.  

One thing that we strongly recommend is that you always "try before you buy" to test things out and make sure that your choice is a good fit for your business, today and tomorrow.

Short list of popular platforms to consider

There are a few platforms that we've heard about most often from our prospective, current and former customers, so we thought we'd start by sharing a short list of them (in alphabetical order), with some background below:

  • BigCartel - An online store builder platform for artists & makers
  • BigCommerce - A proven, full-featured hosted platform used by businesses of all sizes 
  • Shopify - A proven, full-featured hosted platform used by businesses of all sizes
  • WooCommerce - A completely customizable, open-source, self-hosted platform built on WordPress

Subscription add-ons to consider

For any of you who sell some or all of your products on a recurring subscription basis, we've also included some links below to add-ons that can help:

  • BoldCommerce Subscriptions - An add-on for a comprehensive suite of subscription eCommerce solutions that works with Shopify, WooCommerce, and other major eCommerce platforms
  • Recharge - A robust add-on with subscription and recurring billing features for Shopify store owners - note  that Recharge are offering 6 free months of service to customers moving from LemonStand

Platform research resources

There are a lot of choices and a lot of information sources for researching online retail and eCommerce software platforms and far too many to list comprehensively. 

Instead, we've included a short list (in alphabetical order) of some research and reviews sites that we think are the most helpful, and have broad enough coverage to help you discover and identify the best platform for your business.

  • Capterra - Verified software user reviews, along with other research and resources
  • G2 Crowd - Crowd powered software reviews from verified users with a lot of coverage over mainstream and niche eCommerce software platforms
  • Merchant Maverick - Reviews, Ratings and Comparisons for online business software with a focus on online merchants

Get professional help

You may or may not have worked with a digital agency or web developer to build your LemonStand site. If you don't have someone you're already working with and want to make sure you make the move to another platform as quickly and smoothly as possible, it's definitely worth considering getting some professional help from someone who is experienced with doing website migrations.

We've put together some links and resources below to help you find and connect with someone who can help you make the transition.

Short list of LemonStand partners

Over the years we've built some great partnerships with digital agencies and freelance developers. Most of our partners are experienced working with a wide variety of eCommerce software and website platforms. Below is a short list (in alphabetical order) of some of our most trusted partners, with links to their websites and contact details.

  • Acumium - Experienced with Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce
  • Pelican Commerce - Migration specialists, experienced in Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento and more
  • Pixel Union - Experienced working with larger merchants - top partner for Shopify and Shopify Plus, as well as BigCommerce
  • Resolution Design - Experienced with WooCommerce
  • Sasquatch Studio - Experienced with Shopify, WooCommerce, and many more platforms
  • ShipMates - Experienced with Shopify 
  • The Jibe -  Experienced with Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce and more
  • Webyaam - Experienced with Shopify, WooCommerce, and Webflow
  • WorkGroup - Experienced with WooCommerce, Magento

Freelance and agency directories

There are a lot of directories that make it easier to discover and match freelancers and agencies based on your location, budget and needs. We've included a short list (in alphabetical order) of some of the best that we've seen below.

  • Clutch - A marketplace for finding and hiring agencies, with a large number of eCommerce specialists
  • Fiverr - A marketplace for finding and hiring freelancers, with a large number of eCommerce specialists
  • Mailchimp's Expert Directory - While not a pure eCommerce directory, this is a great resource and there are many eCommerce experts here 
  • Shopify Experts Directory - Many Shopify Experts are also familiar with other platforms
  • Upwork - A marketplace for finding and hiring freelancers, with a large number of eCommerce specialists
  • WooCommerce Experts Directory - Many WooCommerce experts are also familiar with other platforms

How to back up and export your store

LemonStand has a number of built-in tools for exporting product catalog, customer and other data after you've exported it from your existing platform. You can learn more about exporting data in LemonStand using our Help Exporting Data documentation.

Note: We were recently notified by Cart2Cart, who provides an automated eCommerce data migration solution for moving store data from one platform to another, that they have just expanded their support to include LemonStand during the shutdown period. Please note that we have not tested this solution, but want to make customers aware of it as a possible alternative approach to our own export tools and API. Anyone interested in using it should do their own testing and diligence before making a purchasing decision.

More details on how to export using our built in export tools and API are below.

Exporting standard store information

I want to export ... Shortcut
Store orders Orders > Orders > [Export]
Subscription orders Orders > Subscriptions > [Export]
Customers Customers > Customers > [Export]
Product catalog Product catalog > Products > [Export]
Sales reports Dashboard > Sales report > [Download as ZIP file]
Store themes Theme > ⚙️ Advanced > [Export]

Access special data export using our API

If you have additional requirements for your store data, you can export your store data using our advanced API. These advanced tools are recommended for developers and designers with some programming experience.

I need details for my ... API help links
Product catalog
Customer list
Store setup
Blog content and reviews

Ready to switch to your new store?

Here are some tips for switching over to your new store. And once you've completed your switch-over, please remember to Delete your store (details and link below) so that we know you've successfully completed the switch.

I need to ... Shortcut
Switch my DNS to my new store My account > store > (pick your store) > Change name or domain
Access my store after moving Ensure that your primary store name is
Access my SSL key and certificates Contact support.
Pause customer subscriptions (if needed) You can either use our Subscriptions API or Contact support.
Transfer subscription payment tokens (if needed) Contact support.
Cancel/delete my LemonStand store My account > store > (pick your store) > Delete