ShipStation is a web-based platform designed to help eCommerce retailers process, fulfill, and ship their orders from all the most popular marketplaces and shopping carts, using all the top carriers. ShipStation features include:

  • FedEx ShippingIntegrated with DHL Global Mail
  • Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)
  • UPS Shipping
  • Canada Post integration
  • Batch Shipping
  • Order Automation Rules
  • Returns Management
  • Free USPS Provider Account with Discounted Rates
  • ShipStation Connect Mobile App
  • Wireless Printing

What We'll Cover

Setting Up a ShipStation Account

To integrate ShipStation into your LemonStand store, you will first need to register a ShipStation account. You'll need to access this account in addition to your LemonStand account in order to complete the integration setup, which is described below.

How To Configure in LemonStand

Once you have an account with ShipStation, you can set up the integration in LemonStand. In the Admin panel of your store you will notice the Integrations > Applications page, where you can select and edit the ShipStation integration settings.


From this page, mouse over the ShipStation logo and click the Configure & Activate menu item. This will take you to a page that looks like this:

This configuration will define how ShipStation communicates with your store and how Order Statuses are handled. Details for each field are below, once you have completed the form as desired, click the Save button.

  • Enabled/Disabled: Set the toggle to enabled (green) in order to activate the integration.
  • Username: Choose a username to register with ShipStation for interfacing with your store.
  • Password: Choose a password to register with ShipStation for interfacing with your store.
  • URL to Custom XML Page: This is the URL that ShipStation will use when communication with your store for orders and tracking numbers, etc. It does not need to be edited, unless you have a custom domain for your store.
  • Unpaid Status: Typically, LemonStand orders are paid right away, but you might want to use this for a unique scenario. The default order status for an unpaid order in LemonStand is "Quote" which can be used here.
  • Paid Status: LemonStand has a default order status "Paid" which could be used here.
  • Shipped Status: LemonStand has a default order status "Shipped" which could be used here.
  • Cancelled Status: LemonStand has a default order status "Cancelled" which could be used here.


Order Statuses can be customized in LemonStand, so you'll want to make sure ShipStation is configured to handle your store's Order Statuses as you want them to be. See the description below on how to do this.

How To Configure in ShipStation

Now that you have the configuration set in LemonStand you can copy the values over to ShipStation. When you have logged into ShipStation you can follow these steps to complete the integration.

Step 1

Open the Account Settings gear icon on the top, right-hand corner and select Selling Channels.

Click the green button that says Connect a Store or Marketplace. Then, select LemonStand.


Step 2

Copy the settings from your LemonStand configuration as described above over to ShipStation, including the order status settings.


Step 3

Click the Test Connection button to make sure ShipStation can communicate with your store. If the connection attempt was unsuccessful verify that you have copied the username and password correctly from LemonStand to ShipStation, and that you have enabled the integration in LemonStand. Once you're satisfied all is correct, click the Finish button.

ShipStation is now configured to integrate with your LemonStand store!

If you have any issues, check out ShipStation's documentation.