Using a Custom Domain

You have just finished creating the LemonStand store of your dreams and now you want to brand it with your official domain. LemonStand provides users with the ability to do just that.

We do not sell domain names. You can purchase your domain name from any domain name provider. We recommend Namecheap, you can find and buy a domain from them using the search and/or link below.

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Configuring your store to use your domain name

To point a domain to your LemonStand store, start by going to the LemonStand home page and login via the My Account section in the top right.

You will then be presented with the following page:


Next, click on your store's name. You will then be brought to the following page, which lists the current domain configuration for the Front-end and Admin URL of your store.


Under actions we have the Change name or domain link. Click this link. You will be brought to the following page:

Here is where we are able to set the custom domain for our store. You also have the option to change your store's name and short name.

As you can see in the example above, we have set the primary domain name to You would of course enter your own domain name here.

Secondary Domains

We also have the ability to set secondary domain names which will be redirected back to the primary domain that you set. These domains should be entered one per line. For example if you wanted to have or redirect to the primary domain of, you would enter these values on their own line in the secondary domains text area.

Keep in mind that once you have set your custom domain name, your LemonStand store will no longer be accessible via the store Short name that looks like Now that we have set a custom domain, we can only reach our store by URL we have specified.

After clicking the Apply button, you will now be presented with a page that will reflect your new settings.


Pointing Your Domain Name to LemonStand

Almost every domain name provider on the market today will give you the option to configure your domain's DNS settings.

There are 2 common scenarios for pointing your domain name to LemonStand:

  1. If you would like your entire site to be the store, please update or create the A Record in your domain settings. The value for the A record should be
  2. If you want to add the store to your existing site, please create the CNAME record in your domain settings. The value for the CNAME record should be

As an example for scenario 1, if your primary custom domain is, you will need to add an A Record that has a blank hostname and an IP address of If you also need to point to your LemonStand store, you would create a CNAME Record with the hostname set to www and the value (alias) set to

As an example for scenario 2, if your existing website domain is, and you'd like to add your LemonStand store as a subdomain, you will need to  create a new A Record with the hostname set to store or shop (or any other subdomain you choose)  and an IP address of This would ensure that (or whatever subdomain you choose) will point to your LemonStand store.

Where to Manage Your DNS Settings

You might be wondering where you have to go, in order to edit your domain's DNS settings. Here is a list of links to instructions pages for editing DNS settings for common domain name providers:

Note: If your domain is registered somewhere else, you can usually find the relevant instructions by Googling "DomainCompanyName managing DNS" or "DomainCompanyName A Record" or "DomainCompanyName CNAME"


LemonStand does not provide email services. Many domain name providers like Namecheap also provide email boxes, or email forwarding for free, or an affordable price. To use email with this services, usually you would need to set up MX Records, that point to your email service provider. You should be able to get instructions from the company that provided your email services.