BitPay Setup

BitPay is the fastest, most reliable bitcoin integration on the planet. Quickly and easily accept bitcoin on your LemonStand store using the BitPay integration.

The first thing to do is sign up for a Bitpay account, then find your Bitpay API key.

How BitPay Works

LemonStand uses the BitPay redirect method, which will redirect customers at checkout to a BitPay invoice.

After the payment is complete, BitPay marks the invoice 'paid' and notifies your LemonStand store about the payment with an IPN request. LemonStand processes the payment and by the time the customer returns to your store, the order has been marked paid.

A few minutes later, the bitcoin network will have had a chance to verify the payment and Bitpay sends another notification, confirming the payment as 'confirmed' or 'invalid' (if verification failed).

It's possible for the payment to be invalidated a while after it was already processed as paid.

For information on adding BitPay as a Payment Method, check our Tutorial.

Adding BitPay as a Payment Method

Please refer to the general Payment Methods article for an overview.

1. Click the plus button on the Business Settings > Payment Methods page to add a new payment method.

2. Select BitPay from the list of payment methods, and click the Add Gateway button:

3. For the General Parameters, please refer to this article

4. The Configuration tab is where you will use your BitPay API keys.

Paste in your Bitpay API key into the first field, and configure your order statuses.

Note: This above example will set the order to "Pending" after the customer pays and only after the payment has been verified will it set the order status to "Paid". If the payment is not confirmed, the status will change to "Cancelled".

5. Click the blue Save button at the top. You're done!

Hooray! You can now accept bitcoin on LemonStand using BitPay!