LemonStand has a built in Content Management System (CMS) that makes it easy for nontechnical users to create and publish content, including blog posts, site pages, announcements and more. 

You can use different categories to organize all of your content including blog posts, site pages and announcements. Categories can each have their own URL slug (details below), which allows you to structure your blog posts, site pages, announcements and other content in a way that makes sense to your customers.

Create and Edit Categories

To create a new category, go to Content > Categories in your LemonStand admin panel and click “New Entry”. To edit an existing category, simply click on the category you'd like to edit.

blog listing
Adding announcements using New Entry

You will see the edit form where you can edit your category. You can edit any of the following fields:

NameThis is the name of your category (Required).
DescriptionUse this field to write a longer description of your category.
Category slugThis is a URL-friendly tag used in the URL, which you can tune for improving page scraping and SEO factors.
OrderYou can optionally assign an order value, which will be used to sort category lists. Categories which have not been assigned values will be returned first in the order they were created, after which categories will return from the lowest to the highest value entered for this field.

Click Save when you’re finished creating or updating your category. 

Editing a category using the content editor

Theme Templates

See Creating CMS Theme Templates article for customization options for the CMS theme templates.