Countries and States

The Countries and States page lets you review all countries and their related states that have been pre populated into LemonStand. You can also add new countries and related states or update existing entries should you need to and enable any or all countries in your store.

Adding Countries

To add a new country and its related states, click the Add (+) button and complete the relevant fields, which include name and related country codes. You can check the Enabled checkbox to make the country visible in to customers via forms on your store front. You can check the Enabled in the backend to show this country in your store’s administration panel.

To add states a country, open the States tab and click the Add Row button. You can then enter the relevant state name and code for each state, and enable them by clicking the checkbox.

Enabling/Disabling Countries

By default all countries and states are enabled for both the storefront and the Admin area of your store, but you can batch enable or disable countries by selecting them from the list and clicking on the Enable Selected or Disable Selected buttons.