Email Settings

This is where you can define the name and email associated with your store. By default, all system generated emails to your customers will be sent from the name specified and any replies to these emails will be sent to the Reply-to address specified as shown int the example below.

If you create a Contact Form or use Email Templates, the results will also send to the email specified here.

User Experience

What does the customer see? This can vary by email clients, but all clients will see the sender name you've set up for your store, so they'll know it's coming from you. Most clients will not show the ender email address or reply-to details by default, so the fact that the email is being sent via will not be noticeable. Some clients (gmail is an example and shown below) may also show that the email was sent via the domain.

For all email clients, any replies sent to you by your customers will be sent to the Reply-to address you've specified in your configuration. An example of a reply to the above email is shown below.