Getting Started

Welcome to LemonStand! You’re on your way to creating a beautiful and bespoke shopping experience for your customers. We’re pretty excited for you!

The Getting Started page is your front end-friendly resource for fast-tracking a successful launch of your LemonStand store. In this section we will be examining the basics of setting up your store. If you ever need help while you're exploring the backend (admin panel) of your store, our documentation is laid out to mirror each element of the left-hand navigation.

View Your Store

If at any time you’d like to check out the work you’ve done on your site, be sure to save your work before clicking the View Store button.

LemonStand Control Panel: View Store Button
View store button.

Customize Your Store

This is the fun part!

LemonStand currently offers 14 eye-catching themes which can be built upon and customized however you please. All of our themes are scalable, and mobile-friendly out of the box. When browsing themes, click Install, and then Activate the theme you’d like to work with in your back end. You can activate a different theme at any point. If you'd like, you can have one theme that you're "Currently Editing" in the admin panel, while another is "Active" in the store front. For more information on editing themes, check out our Theme docs.

Here, you can edit your theme settings, including navigation colors, favicon and home page images, and your global social media accounts.

LemonStand Control Panel: Default Themes
Lemonstand default themes.

You also have quick access to your store Pages, and Widget Blocks. Click the links for more information on editing the source code for each.

Add Some Products

Alright, now that your store is looking snazzy, it’s time to add your Products. You can define different categories and collections for your products, for easy classification. Add photos, prices, inventory amounts, and discounts to your products. You also have the power to define related products, variants, and custom URLs to increase SEO.

LemonStand Control Panel: Product View
Adding a product view.
Set Up Your Business

Now for the admin stuff. This is where you can arrange payment methods (such as PayPal, Stripe, Payfirma, and more), shipping methods (FedEx, UPS, Canada Post, etc.), set up sales tax, and configure which countries your fine products will be available to. Sound good?

Launch Your Store

Boom! You’re pretty much a pro now, and you’re ready to launch. Once you’ve placed a few test orders, they will populate in the Orders section; here you can see Order ID, Order #, Order Status, and more.

Click on an order to see Customer details, and product information. Many stores use this page as a Shipping label; just add the tracking code and print! More information on Orders here.