Testing Payments in Your LemonStand Store

Using Test Cards

To use test cards against test payment gateways:

  1. Configure and enable a Test Credit Card payment method.
  2. Visit your LemonStand store and add some products to your cart.
  3. Step through your checkout, providing any valid address, using one of the following testing cards:
BrandValid CardInvalid Card
American Express378282246310005371449635398431
Diners Club3056930902590430207712915383
3D Secure Enrolled45567610299838864024007101934890
Third Party VaultAny4217651111111119

When you use valid test cards, you will see a successful cart checkout. Invalid cards will trigger a checkout error, and you'll see what your customers see if the transaction fails. Note that transactions can fail for a variety of reasons. Messages in Orders > Transactions provide more detail.

Testing Custom Payments

Testing custom payment methods, like pay by invoice or C.O.D., is simple: you can create orders with these methods and cancel them later in your store backend.