Welcome to your Orders dashboard. This is where all of your orders will be stored once they are placed by your customers (plus any test orders you place while you’re developing your site). You can click on an order and immediately see all customer info, including Billing and Shipping Addresses, which Payment Method was used, which Shipping Method was selected, and most importantly, which product was purchased. You also have the ability to add Order Statuses and Tracking Codes, should you want to print out order information for your own records, or to use as a shipping label.

On your Orders page, the Customer column is multi-sort, meaning clicking on the column's header will sort (ASC then DESC) by First Name, then Last Name, and finally Email.

Order Statuses

Order statuses allow you to track the current state that an order is in. You can have as many order statuses as you want, to match the workflows in your business.

When a new order is created in your store, it will go into the status that is configured for the payment method that was used for that order. Most stores use the Paid status for new orders that are successfully paid.

LemonStand Control Panel: Orders Status View
Order Statuses.

To manage your order statuses, navigate to Business Settings > Order Statuses in the menu. More information on Order Statuses can be found here.

Tracking Codes

Depending on the shipping method used, a shipping gateway such as FedEx or Canada Post will supply a tracking code once you have processed the order; keep track of it by populating the Tracking Code field for easy tracking of your package. Clicking the "Add tracking code" button will produce an input field. You can enter either a plain text tracking code, or you can include a URL linking to a shipping providers tracking code status page. Any URL entered will be outputted as a clickable link on the front-end.