LemonStand crafted a handy little sales dashboard for easy analytics. This dashboard will immediately log the number of orders you’ve taken, total sales revenue, your conversion rate, your top-selling products, average order size, and more. Pretty slick, right? Simply select a date range (past 24 hours, past 7 days, or past 30 days) for an overview of your store’s total sales, and statistics.

Lemonstand sales dashboard.

For the top 5 products, you can sort them by:

  • the count of the quantity sold for each product or 
  • the gross revenue collected for each product

For the selected period you can also see:

  • Conversion rate
  • Taxes collected
  • Shipping charges
  • The average unit price per item 
  • The average order size
  • The number of new customers
  • The number of products sold

For a more granular view, check out your Sales Report.