Payments IP Address White-List

Some payment gateways and payment method receivers require incoming requests to only come from white-listed IP addresses. For any of our supported Standard payment methods that require this we've included details below on how to specify these addresses depending on which payment gateway you've selected. 

There are 3 ways to specify a set of IP addresses. You can use CIDR notation, you can use subnet masks, or you can list all of the IP’s. You only need to use one of the three specification methods.

Using CIDR notation

If your gateway or receiver allows you to use CIDR notation, please specify the following:

Using subnet masks

If your gateway or receiver allows you to specify subnet masks, please specify the following:

IP Address: 
Subnet Mask:

IP Address

If your gateway or receiver doesn’t allow you to use CIDR notation and it doesn’t allow subnet masks, list the following IP address: