Shipping Methods

In LemonStand, you can add as many different shipping methods as you'd like to your store. When customers check out, they can select their preferred shipping method.

Depending on how you configure each shipping method, different methods can be available to certain customers based on customer group, location, and other factors.

Types of Shipping Methods

In general, there are two types of Shipping Methods: Real-time Carrier Rates (e.g. UPS, FedEx) and Table Rates.

Supported Shipping Carriers and Methods

LemonStand supports a number of shipping carriers to calculate real-time rates. These carriers are available on all LemonStand pricing plans. For general configuration instructions that apply to all shipping carriers, review the tutorial. For configuration instructions that are specific to each carrier,

Currently, LemonStand supports the following shipping methods/carriers:

Table Rates

Table rates allow you to set up your own shipping prices based on different factors such as destination, order weight and more.

Here's an example of what these rates might look like:

For more information on configuring a table rate shipping method, check our Tutorial.

How to Add a Shipping Method

Click the Plus button on the Shipping Methods page to add a new shipping method. You can choose a particular shipping method from the drop-down box. Press continue to setup the shipping method.

General Parameters

You will need to configure the below options regardless of which shipping carrier(s) you choose, including the Table Rate shipping method.

  • Enabled front-end: This option enables the shipping method on the front-end of your store for customers to use.
  • Enabled admin: This option enables the shipping method in the backend when creating orders manually.
  • Name: The name of the shipping method to be displayed on the front-end of the website.
  • Description: A description can also be provided and will be displayed on the front-end website.
  • Handling Fee: You can apply a handling fee to the shipping method. The handling fee can be entered as a fixed amount (10) or percentage (10%).
  • API Code: You can use the API Code for identifying the shipping method in the API calls.
  • Tax Class: You can apply a tax class to the shipping method.
  • Maximum Package Weight: If products in a shipment weigh more than the entered value, the shipment may be split in multiple packages (depends on the shipping method).
  • Minimum Weight: The shipping option will be ignored if the package weight is less than the specified value.
  • Maximum Weight: The shipping option will be ignored if the package weight is greater than the specified value.


The visibility tab allows you to choose which countries, customer groups, product types and/or tax classes this shipping method is visible for. If no countries, groups, product types or tax classes are selected, the shipping method will be visible for all countries, customer groups, product types and tax classes.

Configuring a Table Rate Shipping Method

Adding a Table Rate shipping method is simple, and is similar to adding any other shipping method in LemonStand described above. In addition to the configuring the General Parameters and Visibility sections, you must also configure the Rates and Per Product Configuration sections described below.

Rates Section

Use the Add Row button to add as many rows rates as you need for the combination of locations, weight ranges, and/or a cart subtotal ranges that you’d like to charge different shipping prices or percentages on. During checkout, LemonStand goes through your table rates and the first one that matches is used. Therefore, it is important to put the most specific rules first, and the broadest rules last, so that LemonStand doesn't find an undesired match for that particular customer and order.

The example above would make any orders being shipped to the US with a subtotal of $0-$50 have a shipping rate of $10. Any orders with a subtotal of $50 or more would have a $0 shipping rate, AKA free shipping. Any order being shipped to Canada with a weight range of 0 to 10lbs would have a shipping rate of $15. Any order to Canada with a weight range of 10-20lbs would be $20. All other orders would be $25 for shipping.Note: You can use the * symbol for all of the columns except for Rate, Weight Range and Subtotal Range. The * symbol means any value.

  • Country Code: 2-character Country Code.
  • State Code: 2-character State Code.
  • Zip: Zip code (or postal code.
  • City: City name.
  • Weight Range: Total weight for order (in your store's chosen weight unit). Can accept rounded number, decimal or range in "xx-xx" format.
  • Subtotal Range: Order subtotal (in your store's chosen currency). Can accept rounded number, decimal or range in "xx-xx" format.
  • Rate: Rate in fixed amount (in your store's chosen currency) or a percentage 

Per Product Configuration Section

Table rate shipping methods can also be set to allow them to sit with per-product shipping rates if a cart only contains products with them enabled. Check the Display Alongside Per-Product Shipping Quotes checkbox to apply this setting.