Site Settings

The Site Settings for a store are found under "Store Design":

Clear Cache

LemonStand store's cache its pages to speed up loading time. Sometimes when we're customizing a theme a page might not show changes we expect if the cached page was not updated. Clearing the cache will make pages reload and recreate new cached pages, and can sometimes solve this issue.

Quotes are used to send customers a predefined order, ready for checking out in the store front. This is done by using links to certain quotes. These links can then be sent through email to a customer.

The Quote Link Page setting defines which page is to be used for this link. The Quote page selected requires 2 things:

  • Page Action is set to "shop:cart"
  • URL contains "/:quoteLink"

Read more about quotes in our Quote Documentation.

Maintenance Mode

The Maintenance Mode feature allows you to display a special maintenance message to visitors while you are developing your website. Maintenance Mode can be toggled by going to Store Design > Maintenance Mode.

To use the maintenance mode you first need to create a new page in your theme with the maintenance message, or you can use a 404 page that will be prebuilt with most themes.

Image Quality

The Image Quality setting defines the quality of images uploaded to your store. This applies to:

  • Product images
  • Blog images
  • Theme images

The default is 70. Changing this to a lower quality can improve load times for images.