Social Login

The Social Login integration allows your customers to use their social media accounts to register and log in to your LemonStand store. (Currently in Beta)

Supported Account Providers

  • Amazon
  • Facebook

  • See for a live example, with both methods configured.

    Managing Your Social Login Methods

    Manage your Social Login methods from the Business Settings > Social Login page. From here, you can either add a new method or edit your existing ones.

    Common Configuration Settings

    Social Login methods will have the following configuration settings available on a per-provider basis:

    • Enabled
    • Name
    • Client/App ID
    • Client/App Secret

    The Client/App ID and Client/App Secret fields are visible from within the Configuration tab in the Social Login Method page, whereas the Namefield and Enabled toggle can be seen from the General Parameters tab.

    Once your methods are configured, adding links is as simple as adding the following to wherever your existing login links are:

    <a href="{{ site_url('ls_social_login/amazon/login') }}">Login with Amazon</a>

    <a href="{{ site_url('ls_social_login/facebook/login') }}">Login with Facebook</a>

    Adding the Login With Amazon Button

    The Amazon Social Login method can be used with our Amazon Payments Method to complete the "Login and Pay with Amazon" experience. See the configuration settings within the Login Button Configuration for the Amazon Social Login method page:

    An additional field is introduced to the Configuration settings, merchantId, to accommodate the construction of the Login button. It looks like this:

    When the method is enabled, a LemonStand variable, amazonLoginButton will be available in all page views. This can then simply be inserted into a page with the following Twig snippet:

    {{ amazonLoginButton }}