Store Settings

The Store Settings page allows you to configure a variety of different settings including tax labelling, currency, category nesting, volume pricing discount rules, abandoned cart retention and order numbering.


If you have set a tax class to be tax inclusive, then you can configure the tax label here. You can also specify which country or state can see the tax label.


Under the currency tab you can specify your store's currency from the currency code drop down. You also have the option of customizing your decimal mark, thousands separator and currency symbol.


You can configure your store to use nested category names for subcategories (eg. animals/cats for the category cats in parent category animals) by checking the Use nested category URLs checkbox.

Volume Pricing

By checking the Apply Sale discounts checkbox, all product or variant sale discounts will be applied on top of volume pricing (eg. A product retails at $10. A Wholesale volume pricing rule brings the price to $8 each. If we have a sale discount of 50% the Wholesale price will now be $4.)


The Cart Abandonment retention field can be set for the number of days you’d like to retain shopping carts from expired user sessions. All abandoned carts will be deleted once this time period has passed.


Enter a value into the Minimum order number field to set the starting order number for the next order. Normally this field should be set prior to launching a store, however you can also change your order numbering scheme for an active store. If you do this, remember that if you choose a number smaller than an existing order’s number, this setting will be ignored.