You can manage subscription details for all of your subscribers from the Orders > Subscriptions page in your LemonStand store admin. From this page you can find and manage all of your customer subscriptions. The list can be filtered by subscription status using the tabs, making it easy for you to follow up on cancelled or paused subscriptions, payment issues, etc. You can also use the search box within any tab to filter by customer name, email address and billing plan. 

Sorting by Columns

You can also sort the list to help you manage or find subscriptions. These columns can be sorted in descending or ascending order:

  1. Date
  2. Customer - the Customer column is multi-sort, meaning clicking on the column's header will sort beginning with First Name, then Last Name, and finally Email. These each sort first by ascending then descending, making 6 different sorts possible. The field which is actively being sorted will be shown underlined as in the example above, where the list is being sorted by last name in descending order.
  3. Billing Plan
  4. Status

Managing Subscriptions

You can manage any customer subscription by clicking anywhere in its row in the list view shown above. Three tabs are available, Details, Invoices and Logs. More information on each of these tabs is provided below. 


The details tab allows you to review and manage the specifics of the selected subscription as shown and described below.

View details on the recurring subscription order 

Including status, plan details, customer details, payment and shipping details, discount information, totals for previous and upcoming renewals, billing status and product details 

Update the Subscription Status

This allows you to manually cancel a subscription (for example when a customer calls and says they'd like to cancel), pause a subscription, or reactivate a subscription after a renewal payment issue is resolved when needed.

Subscriptions can be set to have one of the following statuses:

  1. Active 
  2. Paused 
  3. Past Due - Will Not Renew 
  4. Cancelled
  5. Trial

Only subscriptions in the Active or Trial status renew automatically. When a subscription is created, it has the Active status unless the subscription billing plan selected is configured with a free trial period, in which case it will have the Trial status. Once the initial trial period ends, it will renew in the Active status going forward.

Update the Billing Plan

You can adjust the schedule and rules which apply for subsequent orders created from this subscription by selecting a different subscription billing plan.

Edit the Next Invoice Date

This allows you to override the next renewal date for this subscription, which is normally set by the schedule defined in the associated billing plan. For example, if a subscriber wanted to skip their next renewal, you could edit the next invoice date and set it to the following month to ensure that they wouldn't receive a shipment for the current month. After the next invoice is set per the updates you make, any renewals that follow will be scheduled based on the settings for the associated billing plan.

Generate manual orders

You can manually generate a free order (often used when a subscriber reports a damaged shipment to send them a replacement order at no cost), or you can generate an extra paid order (often used when a subscriber calls in and says they've run out of their previous shipment's goods and would like to get an extra shipment sent to them prior to the next renewal) outside of the normal billing cycle. Note that any orders generated using this function will occur in addition to any upcoming renewal order.

Retry a credit card payment 

If a renewal payment attempt is made and fails for some reason (ie. the credit card is expired), a Retry button will be activated immediately below the Billing Status information.  This function can be used if a customer notifies you that they've updated their card details after their subscription is put into "Past Due - Will Not Renew" status due to multiple failed payment attempts. To learn more about failed payment retries, read our tutorial on Subscription Billing Plans.


The invoices tab enables you to view all historical orders associated with the subscription. These orders were generated on each subscription renewal charged for the subscriber.  To see the details of any previous order, click anywhere in the row for that order.


There are 2 sections to the logs tab which help you track any potential issues or history for a subscriber. 

  • Billing Log - shows payment attempts, their statuses, and any reasons for failed or otherwise incomplete payments. 
  • Status Log -  shows general subscription events, like creation, status updates, and other activities.

Editing Subscriptions

The Edit button at the top of the subscription management page brings you to the Edit Subscription page. From here, you update more subscription details as described below.

If you have Order/Cart Custom Fields set up in your checkout process, these will be saved to the subscription. We can see and edit these in this page.

They will show up under the shipping section:

Add a product to the subscription

To add a new product or products to the subscription, click the Add Row button in the Products section and find and select a product to add by using the search box and clicking the Select button beside the product you'd like to add. Once you select the product, if there are any options, you can select them from the list boxes. 

You can edit the price field for the product you select if you'd like to override the base price for the product/variant selected. Note that overriding the base price will mean that the price you set will be applied in all upcoming renewals for this subscription. You can also set the quantity of this product/variant you'd like to apply.

Click the Apply button to add the product to the subscription. 

Delete a product from the subscription

You can remove one or more products from the subscription by clicking the checkbox beside the product that you'd like to remove and clicking the Remove selected button at the top of the Products section.

Add or delete discount rules

If a discount rule was applied when a subscription was created, the discount rule is saved to the subscription.

You can add or remove discount rules that apply to this subscription in a similar way to adding and removing products above. Click the Add Row button at the top of the Discounts section to add and select a new discount rule to apply to this subscription. Click the Remove selected button at the top of the Discounts section to remove a discount rule and stop it from being applied to this subscription.

Add or delete a coupon code

If a coupon was used when a subscription was created, the coupon is saved to the subscription. If the coupon is deleted, the discount amount will no longer be applied to all new orders created from the subscription.

You can add or remove a coupon code from a subscription by editing the Coupon Code field. If a valid coupon code was entered during checkout, this field will be populated with that code. If no coupon is associated with the subscription, you can add a new one by typing it into the field and clicking the Save button to save the subscription. 

If the code is a valid code, it will be applied and the discount for that coupon will be applied to the subscription in addition to any plan specific discount or incentive and/or discount rules that have been applied. 

To delete an existing coupon code for this subscription and prevent it from being applied in future renewals, edit the Coupon Code field and delete the code so that the field is blank. Click the Save button to apply the change and remove any discount associated with the code.

If you want to have a 1-time discount (i.e., for the first invoice only of the subscription) you can apply a limit to the coupon use, per-customer. Just set the limit to 1 and the coupon will only apply to the first order created with the subscription.

Billing Plan Discount

The Billing Plan Discount is a display only field that shows the discount that is applied to all subscriptions associated with the plan if configured for the Billing Plan that is applied to this subscription. It cannot be changed for a specific subscription but can be changed for all related subscriptions from Business Settings > Subscription Billing Plans. Changes to the discount for a subscription billing plan will apply to all related subscriptions for that plan on all future renewals. 

Update the shipping quote

You can change the shipping method for the products in the subscription by selecting an available shipping method. The shipping methods available for selection will be shown based on the products in the subscription and the shipping address for the subscriber. You can also override the shipping quote for the selected shipping method, which allows you to set a custom shipping price if needed.

Deleting Subscriptions

While it is possible to delete subscriptions, we strongly recommend that you do not delete any real subscriptions (other than those created as test subscriptions during store set up or otherwise). If a subscription is no longer valid or relevant, you're better off to update its status to Cancelled and retain it for recording keeping purposes.

In the rare instances when you do need to delete a subscription, you can delete from both the subscriptions list view or from the edit view for a specific subscription. 

To delete a specific subscription, click the Delete button at the bottom of the page when viewing or editing any subscription.

To delete from the subscriptions list view, select one or more of the subscriptions you'd like to delete and click the Delete button as shown below. 

Subscriptions with Saved Addresses

Subscriptions with saved addresses will expose these as editable from both the subscription detail page as well as the edit page.

Example - Subscription Addresses Visible in Subscription Detail Page

Clicking the edit links will take you to an address form for that address where you can update the address like any other. Alternatively, you can re-select an address to save as your subscription address from the edit page:

Example - Subscription Address Selectors Visible in Subscription Edit Page

Enabling Subscriptions For Your Store

To learn more about how to set up and enable subscription sales for your store, our help article on Subscription Billing Plans is a good starting point.