The Subscriptions page is where you see customer subscriptions. If your customers have not subscribed to any of your billing plans, it will be empty. You cannot manually add customer subscriptions.

Sorting by Columns

These columns can be used to sort your subscriptions, first in descending then ascending order:

  1. Date
  2. Customer - Note that the Customer column is multi-sort, meaning clicking on the column's header will sort beginning with First Name, then Last Name, and finally Email. These each sort first by ASC then DESC, making 6 different sorts possible.
  3. Billing Plan
  4. Status

Managing Subscriptions

Subscriptions are managed from the Orders > Subscriptions page. Three tabs are available: 


  • View Subscription order, product, totals, customer, and shipping details. 
  • Update the Billing Plan. 
  • Update Subscription Status.


  • View all orders associated with the subscription. These orders are generated on each subscription renewal charged against the customer. 


  • Billing Log shows payment attempts, their statuses, and any reasons for failed or otherwise incomplete payments. 
  • Status Log shows general subscription events, like creation, status updates, and other activities.

Editing Subscriptions

The Edit button brings you to the Edit Subscription page:

Here, you can:

  1. Add, remove or change the subscription's products
  2. Add or remove subscription discounts - these are applied on checkout.
  3. Add or remove a coupon code - this is based on the coupon applied during checkout.
  4. Update the shipping quote. The updated subscription details are applied on future orders that are created from the subscription when it renews.

The Billing Plan Discount can be changed under Business Settings > Subscription Billing Plans. The discount will apply on renewals.

Subscription Statuses

Your backend view of subscriptions has built-in tabs that filter by status. Subscriptions could have one of the following statuses:

  1. All 
  2. Active 
  3. Paused 
  4. Past Due - Will Not Renew 
  5. Cancelled<br>

Only subscriptions in the Active status renew automatically. When a subscription is created, it has the Active status.

Generating New Orders

New orders (outside of the normal billing cycle) can be generated for subscriptions from the subscription page.

The following describes the two generation modes available:

  • Generate a free order generates a $0 order and associates it with the subscription.
  • Force an extra paid order generates a non-$0 order and associates it with the subscription.

Retry Renewals

Renewal attempts can also be attempted from the subscription page. This is useful for a case such as a customer request a renewal attempt after they've updated invalid payment details.

The button to retry a subscription renewal attempt is underneath the billing status.

Integrating Subscriptions Into Your Theme

To modify your existing theme to support subscriptions, see our Implementing Subscriptions page. We also plan to offer subscription-specific themes.