The Users administration page allows you to create, update or delete administrative and operational user accounts for your staff members. User accounts are specifically for staff members to manage the various admin areas of your store and are separate and distinct from Customer accounts, which are described here.

Creating User Accounts

To create a user, click the Add button and enter their first name, last name, and email, which are all required fields. The email address entered will be used to log in to the store’s administration pages as well as to notify the user when order statuses change.

To activate the user so that they can log in, check the Enabled checkbox, or to prevent them from logging in either temporarily or permanently, uncheck the Enabled checkbox.

Configuring User Roles

In the User Roles section, you can select which role(s) you want to apply to this user. Review the article on roles for more information.

Profile Image and User Bio

Users can upload an image and write a bio to go with their profile. These are available in the store front when using our CMS content feature. To learn about placing the user profile image and bio in your blog or CMS content pages, look at our CMS Theme Template docs. To customize how these are displayed, take a look at our CMS Content Variables.

Social Networks

Users can add social networks that link to their different social media sites. To add a social network, click "Add Social Network" and choose a name and URL for this link. These links will be available for use in your CMS content pages such as a blog post. Look at our CMS Theme Template page to learn about implementing linking social networks in your CMS content. Also see CMS Content Variables for direct usage and customization.