Store Setup Checklist

This guide provides a checklist of all the essential steps needed to get your LemonStand store setup completed and start taking orders.

And if you'd prefer to have expert guidance, we have a growing base of experienced LemonStand partners who can help. Share more about your business needs here and we'll get you connected. 

What We'll Cover

Select A Theme and Customize Your Design

LemonStand has a growing library of attractive free, open source, mobile responsive themes that you can choose from. All stores come with a default theme installed, but you can install and customize any of our available themes from our theme library using the steps below:

  • Select and Install Your Theme from Store Design > Themes in your admin panel
  • If you're selling products on subscription (or a mix) - try out our free FrescoBox theme, which was designed specifically for subscription businesses
  • Once you've got the theme installed, you can customize the look and feel of the theme, apply your logo and branding, etc. from Store Design > Theme Settings

It's also possible for developers to use our powerful theming engine to do more advanced customization to existing themes or even develop a completely custom designed theme for your store.  The sky's the limit if you're willing to make a bigger investment in your brand.

Set Up Your Product Catalog

LemonStand has a lot of flexibility to support a wide variety of product or service offerings. We've included links to more information on common product catalog setup tasks below: 

Complete Your Store Setup

Once you've got your theme and product catalog set up, it's time to get the rest of your store set up and ready to take orders. We've included a list of the other essential store setup tasks below: 

Launch Your Store and Notify Search Engines

When your store is set up and tested and you're ready to start taking orders, there are just a few more steps to make your store visible to the public and search engine ready!