Add a Favicon

Step 1: Create a favicon

We suggest heading to to generate one. You should end up with a file named favicon.ico.

Once you have created your favicon file and saved it to your computer, you are ready to upload it to your LemonStand store.

Step 2: Upload your favicon

Navigate to Store Design > Resources. Most people upload the favicon to the images folder. To do that, click the images folder from the list.

From here you can upload the file by clicking the upload button near the top-left. Select the favicon.ico file you generated earlier. There should no be a favicon.ico file in the images folder of your store.

Step 3: Reference the favicon in your theme

From the Editor section, click on Partials. You need to place the following code snippet inside the <head> section of your pages. Most themes have a partial called "layout-head". Look for this partial, and click on it from the list.

You will probably see some code that contains different lines with <link>, <meta> and <script> elements. You will add the snippet below amongst these on its own line.

Favicon code snippet:

<link rel="icon" type="image/x-icon" href="{{ 'images/favicon.ico'|theme_resource }}"/>

You can now save the partial.

The favicon should now be used on your LemonStand website. You may have to refresh your browser's cache before it will pick up the changes.