CMS Archives Variables

These CMS Content Archive variables are used in your content archive pages.

Variable Usage
category The category slug of this archive (may be blank)
<p>No posts found in category: {{ category }}.</p>
categoryID The category ID for this archive, useful for linking or IDs (may be blank)
<p>Category {{ categoryID }}.</p>
categories Returns all categories belonging to the current post.
{% for category in post.categories %} 
  {{ }} 
  {{ category.slug }} 
  {{ category.description }} 
{% endfor %}
type The content type of this archive (e.g., blog, announcement, page)
<p>No {{type}} posts found.</p>
date.year, date.month, The date filter of this archive (may be blank)
<h4>Archive date: {{ year }}-{{ month }}-{{ day }}</h4>
permalink The permanent link to this archive page. Requires an Archive Page to exist, see "Creating CMS Theme Templates​" for info on creating CMS pages.
<a href="{{ permalink }}">Archives</a>
archives List of archives in the given filter (depends on the Page Template URL Settings). Contains a set of posts in the current archive.
 {% for post in archives %}
 {% endfor %}
getSocialLinks() Get all social links attached to the current author. Returns links with class="social-links"
{{ post.user.getSocialLinks() }}
getSocialLink(<link>) Get a link to a user's social network. Reference the social network's "Name" that you've set in your user settings under /backend/system/user. Looks for the author of the current post.
{{ <a href="{{ post.user.getSocialLink("Facebook") }}">My Facebook Link</a> }}
featured_image Display the current post's featured image.
<img src="{{ post.featured_image.thumbnail(1000, 'auto')|default('') }}" width="1000" alt="{{ post.featured_image.alt }}"/>
cmsContent(<type>) Renders all CMS content objects of a specified type. See "Creating CMS Theme Templates​" for more detail.
{% for content in cmsContent('blog')|extended_sort('published_on', false) %}
{{ content.title }}
{% endfor %}
seo_<type> Include SEO fields to include posts metadata, from the post and page sidebars.
{{ post.seo_title }}
{{ post.seo_description }}
{{ post.seo_keywords }}