Managing Multiple Customer Addresses

If a customer has multiple addresses, you can link the addresses to address pages in a number of ways. Bones, for example, renders a dropdown list and requests the selected address on clicking a button. See below:

Some notes on the structure/approach of the form:

  • It accesses and renders the summary string of the customer address (e.g. 123 Test St, Beverly Hills, California, United States 90210) through the formatted_string attribute.
  • It pulls addresses from three collections - billingAddresses, shippingAddresses, and subscriptionAddresses.

For more information on Subscription Addresses, see the Subscriptions with Saved Addresses subsection subsection of our Subscriptions document. To summarize, to manage multiple customer addresses, we recommend that you:

  1. Create a customer address page
  2. Link to it from a customer profile (in whichever way works for your storefront).