Quote Variables

Variable Usage
quote.expires_after_x_days Returns the quote’s defined x-days until expiry. If the field was set to 10 on the quote's creation, it will always return 10.
{{ quote.expires_after_x_days }}
quote.expires_in Returns the calculated quote’s “days until expiry” occurs. This will return a negative value if the quote has expired.
{% if quote.expires_in <0 %}
  We're sorry, this quote is expired.
{% else %}
  Quote expires in {{ quote.expires_in }} days.
{% endif %}
quote.expired() Returns true if the quote is expired, false otherwise.
{% if quote.expired() %}
  We're sorry, this quote has expired.
{% endif %}
quote.quoteLink() Used to link to the quote’s page. Generates the link using the quote page chosen under Site Settings. See our Quotes documentation for more info.
{{ quote.quoteLink() }}
quote.cart_link_id Returns the link ID used in URL to load a specific quote.
{{ quote.cart_link_id }}

<a href="test.com/quote/{{ quote.cart_link_id }}">Click to look at our Quote</a>
quote.customerGroupsArray() Returns an array of customer group objects attached to the cart.
{% for group in quote.customerGroupsArray() %}
  {{ group.name }}
{% endfor %}
quote.customer_name Returns a customer name if applicable, and null otherwise.
{{ quote.customer_name }}
quote.getQuoteEmails() Returns an array of emails attached to the quote, used when sending the quote in an email to customers.
{{ quote.getQuoteEmails() }}
quote.getDiscountTotal() Returns the total discount amount for quote items.
Discount: {{ quote.getDiscountTotal()|currency }}<br>
quote.getItemNum() Returns the number of items in the quote.
<h5>You currently have <strong>{{ quote.getItemNum() }}</strong> item(s) in your quote</h5><br>
quote.getSubtotal() Returns the subtotal for quote items.
Quote total: {{ quote.getSubtotal()|currency }}<br>
quote.getSubtotalNoTax() Returns the subtotal for quote items minus tax.
Estimated subtotal: {{ quote.getSubtotalNoTax()|currency }}<br>
quote.getTotal() Returns the total for quote items.
Estimated total: {{ quote.getTotal()|currency }}<br>
quote.getTotalTax() Returns the total amount of tax for quote items.
Tax Total: {{ quote.getTotalTax()|currency }}<br>
quote.number_of_products Returns the number of products in the Quote.
{{ quote.number_of_products }}
quote.items Returns an array of items in the Quote.
{% for item in quote.items %}
  {{ item.product.name }}
{% endfor %}
item.fullPrice() Returns the full price of the quote item.
<td class="narrow"><i>{{ item.fullPrice()|currency }}</i></td><br>
item.price() Returns the current price of the quote item after discounts.
<td class="narrow"><i>{{ item.price()|currency }}</i></td><br>
item.product.images.first.thumbnail() Returns the first image associated with the quote item. Allows for the setting of image dimensions via .thumbnail(width,height). A default image can also be set in the event that no image has been uploaded for the product.
<img src="{{ item.product.images.first.thumbnail(80, 80)|default('http://placehold.it/80x80') }}"/></a><br>    
item.product.name Returns the name for the quote item.
<h3><a href="/product/{{ item.product.url_name }}">{{ item.product.name }}</a></h3><br>
item.product.url_name Returns the product URL name for the quote item.
<a class="hide-for-small" href="/product/{{ item.product.url_name }}"><br>
item.quantity Returns the quantity of items added to the quote.
<td class="narrow">{{ item.quantity }}</td><br>
item.total() Returns the total price for the quote items.
<td class="narrow"><i>{{ item.total()|currency }}</i></td><br>